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I am William Jones, and come from Anglesey, North Wales. I am the singer, songwriter and guitarist with the pop group Friends, and run the Summerhouse Records label. I also run marathons, live in Turin and support Torino FC.

  1. Pete permalink

    Hi William

    I just thought I’d say how much I’m enjoying your writing. The Au Pairs piece,in particular, very nearly brought tears to my eyes.

    Best wishes


  2. David Coxell permalink

    Thanks for the piece about Jonathan Kelly. I’m responsible for the rather dodgy tabs on the JK website, if you’re a guitarist.



  3. Joan permalink

    just wanted to say thanks also for the Jonathan Kelly piece – have idolised him for years and recently replaced my old LPs with the 2 CD set having found it on Amazon – am reliving my 70’s times – and in tears listening to I’ll Rock you to Sleep…………..

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